Employers say give 16-year-olds more choice

The Confederation of British Industry has recently suggested that sixteen-year-olds in England should not be restricted to a choice of A-levels or T-levels.

The new Technical Levels, or T-levels as they will be known, will be introduced from 2020. There is concern that narrowing a GCSE student’s choice to these two streams is not a good idea, and the confederation believes that the existing BTEC arrangements are very good. 

This point is also made by David Hughes, chief executive of the Association of Colleges, who said that it was “important to remember that 40% of people going to university didn’t rely just on A-levels, and that many adults would need options other than T-levels.”

Giving students more choices while allowing them to keep their options open does seem like a good idea. Many students are unsure of exactly what they want to do in their adult life at the end of the GCSEs.

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