Dogs’ eyes evolve to appeal to humans

Any of us that love dogs could probably tell you how quick they are at learning, but what we probably didn’t know is that dogs have been evolving to make themselves more likeable to humans! New research has shown even dogs can learn to manipulate us.

This recent article from the BBC tells us how over time dogs have learned to control a “A small facial muscle (which) allows dog eyes to mimic an “infant-like” expression which prompts a “nurturing response.” The ability to do this has allowed dogs to create what the researchers call “expressive eyebrows” and to “create the illusion of human-like communication.”

“When dogs make the movement, it seems to elicit a strong desire in humans to look after them,” says the study, co-authored by Dr Juliane Kaminski at the University of Portsmouth.

The findings, from UK and US researchers in anatomy and comparative psychology, show that the facial change has developed over thousands of years of dogs living alongside humans.

Previous research has shown that dogs are more likely to use this “puppy eyes” expression when a human is looking at them — suggesting that it is a deliberate behaviour and intended for human consumption.

So next time you dog gives you that big, wide eyed puppy look you know they are seeking to manipulate you….

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