Determined women changing the world

This article is truly eye-opening because it shows the types of largely unconscious criticism women face in their daily lives. Through a series of photos and quotes, women going about their daily lives – often in a professional capacity – have comments made on their suitability or success – comments which are largely critical or which indicate an element of surprise in their achievements: surprise which is largely based on their gender.

I guess men are seldom asked how they manage to come to work while having a number of children, questioned on their appearance or their looks, and their educational and professional achievements are not gasped out in a tone of surprise. It seems incredible to me in the twenty-first century that comments relating to women’s ambitions or confidence or professional rank are questioned by people, simply because they are women.

A woman being a surgeon or a pilot, a woman combining a professional career with parenting, a woman seeking out opportunities to enhance her CV – these are actions which are still questioned yet men are not treated in this way.

It would be a great thing if a person was judged on merit, not on gender and not with surprise. This would be a positive step towards true equality.

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