Primary responsibilities include:

– team up with the Chinese Primary Head to be responsible for the running of the Primary Program

– deputize for the Principal when necessary

– be a Principal In Training and to focus their PD accordingly

Professionalism and Academic Leadership

– promote school’s education philosophy and values where possible

– serve as a professional role model for other teachers, promoting professionalism throughout all aspects of school demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning and accepting responsibility

– collaborate with relevant staff members and lead the development and implementation of the Primary English curriculum

– oversee all aspects of teaching and learning in Primary to ensure the maintenance of high and improving standards

– demonstrate the ability to use technology for creating and sharing documents, data management, information retrieval, and visual and audio presentations.

– coordinate ordering of books/course materials by Primary Heads of


– act as line-manager for Primary Heads of Grade (HoG) and Primary expatriate teachers

– coordinate provision of PD for teachers

– participate in the teacher Appraisal process

– be financially responsible for working within a defined budget

– participate in the school Annual Planning Cycle

– participate in school Marketing events and chair Primary Information Meetings

-join in and coordinate parent interviews, conferences, and workshops

Teaching and Learning

– serve as a pedagogical role model for other teachers and strive to nurture an open- door policy whereby teachers feel comfortable in observing either whole lessons

or specific activities

– promote a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development, including formative assessment approaches such as peer assessment, peer evaluation and peer presentations, etc.

– ensuring Curriculum teaching materials are up-to-date and filed

– stay up-to-date with changes and developments in curriculum and technology


– coordinate the Heads of Grade and chair the Heads of Grade meeting and the full Primary Meeting

– attend different Primary Grade Level meetings when possible

– meeting members should receive a meeting agenda at least one day before the meeting

– ensure minutes are recorded for all sessions and include both Action and Responsibility to be followed-up

– participate in school parent conferences and chair Primary parent conferences