Cyber bullying – An Ongoing Issue

Cyber bullying highlights the dark side of the modern age. Where many mainstream schools have migrated much of their academic and co-curricular class activities onto online platforms, bullying seems to have inadvertently been brought online as well.

Online bullying in England now has the highest statistics worldwide with 27% compared to an international average of 3%, and Australia with the next highest proportion at 16%. It is clear that policing student behaviour goes beyond the confines of the classroom, which begs the question “who is in charge?”

With the shortage of teachers already plaguing the UK, additional work to improve student well-being in online interactions is a reach for an already overworked, underpaid educators. Other countries such as France have banned cell phone usage at school across the board. Although this may not stop online bullying, it is effective in preventing this from happening in school.                                               

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