Cyber bullying – An Ongoing Issue (Part II)

Much of the way children and adolescents interact in real life are products of the interactions they have online. Adults cannot relate to the reality of having spent their childhood indoors and online the way this current generation is being raised.

This loss of touch with reality creates warped views of the world, putting children at risk not just of decreased awareness in social interactions, but also stunted emotional growth and the likelihood of developing anxiety and other mental health issues.

England came out as having the worst problem with cyber-bullying in a survey conducted in 48 countries, and the Education Secretary has called for measures to be implemented on how to address this across the country. This is a national issue and one that cannot be left to individual schools to sort out. Thus, the implementation of new subjects focusing on mental health, improving relationships and the like in the new national curriculum in the coming school year is set to alleviate the concerns that have arisen from this issue.

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