They are all professional IGCSE tutors, (many are examiners) selected both for their experience and skill within the classroom. We have 1153 tutors who teach with us regularly – all with particular skills in helping students review and revise their IGCSE subjects. Below are some of their outlines and photos – we hope it gives you an indication of what a fantastic group they really are!


A final year Medical Student at Fudan University Sikander has been working with TiC for 5 years. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Physiology at the University of Warwick.


Examiner for iGCSE Geography for many years. John has the ability to break down the difficult concepts and relate them to real life case studies in China and abroad.


Matthew is a highly experienced Biology teacher. He has taught A Level Biology and IGCSE Biology for over 7 years. He has a wide range of experience in examining.  Matthew is very involved in writing teachers resources for A Level Biology and in delivering training on creative teaching.


James has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge and has taught IGCSE Mathematics in a variety of schools since graduating with a First. He has been working as a teacher for 5 years at an independent school in the UK.Shah

Examiner for IGCSE Mathematics for 5 years. He has the ability to break down the difficult subjects into easy bite size pieces for students to get to grips with things.


As a member of the Business Management curriculum review committee Dexter has been working as an IGCSE examiner for several years. He written several textbooks and is a visiting professor in the US currently.


I have a PhD in English at Trinity College, Cambridge. I work at Cambridge University as a supervisor (specialising in individual as well as group teaching) and work with the Cambridge and Edexcel as an external Examiner for English .


Examiner for IGCSE Economics for over 10 years. Andrea has the ability to helps students understand what is required of them to gain full marks in a course where many students drop points.