Could US-China trade war be solved by a 10-year-old playing a game online?

If the trading relationship between China and the United States had been formed by children, could a win-win situation have emerged instead of the present dispute between the two?

A new online trading simulation supported by the US Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong – America Centre and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum seems to think so.

The game is aimed at highlighting the long history of trade and exchange between the two countries. Aimed at pupils aged between 10 and 14, the game is being developed by local coding education provider Koding Kingdom. It allows players to create virtual assets such as ships, money, and crews, before setting sail from the east coast of America to trade with Chinese merchants in old Canton, which is now Guangzhou province. It even requires players to evade pirates and storms while crossing the ocean.  

Charlie Shaw, a 13-year-old secondary school pupil who played the game, said he liked it because information was easy to learn.

“It has super realistic information,” he said. “You can interact with characters and items that are historically accurate.”

It great to see education combined with fun as a way to promote learning among the young.

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