Competition increases for spots at UK universities

The SCMP just published an article stating that Chinese student applications to UK is up 30%. The UCAS university admissions agency revealed on Thursday it had received almost 20,000 undergraduate applications from students in China this year (19,760, up from 15,240 in 2018), compared with 18,520 from Northern Ireland.

The current US-China trade war is leading to an increase in demand for applications to Australian, Canadian, and UK universities. Not surprisingly the University of Manchester has the largest population of Chinese students in Europe. Richard Cotto, director of student recruitment and outreach at the University of Manchester, admitted that “it is partly due to football.” With a surge in demand for UK universities in China as well as an increase in British students applying, admission to a UK university just got more competitive. UCAS figures also reveal that there is an increase of British 18-year olds applying for the same places, an increase of 1 per cent from last year.

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