Children’s authors ‘don’t get recognition’

It is very interesting to reflect on the role and status of children’s writer and illustrators. I think it is indeed the case that children’s writers tend to get less recognition. Outside of a few classics and a few extremely popular children’s writers, most people would be hard pressed to name popular children’s authors, although they could probably name quite a number of popular children’s books. This leads to the question of how books are chosen for children.

There are some high profile children’s book literary awards and I often use their websites to consider selecting books for my niece and nephew. But a lot of children’s and young adult fiction is not treated very seriously and so I imagine the recognition for the writers and the illustrators is less.

In an age where book shops and book sales are declining, perhaps school libraries have a role to play in the acknowledgement of quality children’s book writers and illustrators. Perhaps, however, it is the big, not really purely book-selling companies such as Amazon who are driving this market, as they do with other forms of writing, which means this problem is not likely to go away. At least an important book and writer’s festival like the Hay Festival is hoping to raise awareness of this issue.

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