Change to University of Hong Kong admission process welcomed by 70 per cent of school pupils ahead of final exams

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This article certainly raises a dilemma. On the one hand, students who are strong in certain areas – often Maths and Science but weak in other areas – are disadvantaged when applying to places at Hong Kong’s better universities. On the other hand, there is surely an expectation that a university graduate from a top school can communicate effectively in English and in Chinese if these are the student’s native languages. Suggesting that the core subjects – in particular the main languages – are in some way not important is possibly sending the wrong message.

Due to the limited number of university places in Hong Kong, there is always pressure on students to achieve top grades to earn a place, as universities undoubtedly want to have the best candidates possible. So, while it is true that a strong student who performs poorly in English or Chinese might find it difficult to secure a place at one of the better Hong Kong universities, the core subjects were chosen as ‘core’ for a reason. Perhaps students should be allowed to have greater choice about the core subjects they take as well as the electives they study.

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