Australia wants to sell HSC, VCE to the world

I think it is unlikely that the idea of selling senior secondary products from Australia – the HSC and the VCE – in an attempt to rival the A-level is going to be a success. There are a lot of issues when considering whether syllabuses are suitable for an international clientele. A lot of the material in the Australian curriculum is Australian which is not as applicable to many of the countries which they feel they could target.

Also, at present, the academic years are not aligned. The Australian academic year ends in November when senior students sit their exams. Then they go to university in late February or March. This is not how the academic year works in most of the mentioned countries.

I have some experience of trying to assist students who have completed the HSC in Hong Kong (through the Australian school) gain entrance to universities not in Australia. It is very difficult with universities often very unfamiliar with the Australian system. This is often a disadvantage for the student because, in an attempt to standardize the results and make them ‘similar’ to other better known qualifications, students receive very high offers. It might be acceptable if students are hoping to gain entry to an Australian university but it is not as flexible a qualification as others – such as IB or A-levels – which are offered extensively in the region.

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