‘Aggressive’ parents are demanding teachers email and message them on apps 24/7

This recent article from the Independent is outlining a growing problem facing teachers in these days of modern communication devices and social media. “Aggressive” parents are demanding teachers email and message on evenings and weekends – and the “unbearable” communication has led to some staff considering quitting their jobs, a survey finds.

The growing use of apps by schools is making it easier for parents to contact teachers directly 24/7, adding to their workload and affecting their health, the NASUWT teaching union has said.

“Nearly three in four (71 per cent) of teachers say their email addresses are made available to parents despite the majority of them saying they did not give permission for their personal details to be shared.”

Schools should not be encouraging this type of direct communication. A teacher has enough on their plate without the constant harassment from a few overzealous parents.

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