A critical part in getting a coveted spot at an international school in Hong Kong is the entrance assessment/interview.

Each school handles assessments differently. They often have children participate in a playgroup with two to eight kids where teachers observe them at play, do structured activities, or hold an individual visit between a child and Head Teacher/Vice Principal where test-like activities are given. In almost every case, children will be asked to do these types of assessments without a parent being directly present.

During the assessment, a child will sit with a teacher who will ask straightforward questions like “What’s your name? Where do you go to school? What’s your dad’s name? What does your dad do?” The questions sometimes get more specific. For example, if an interview is taking place on a Monday, the child could be asked, “What did you do this weekend?” A teacher might be looking to see if the child can recall specific events or details from their daily lives. 

In general, a typical admissions assessment will give the schools a snapshot of a child’s academic skills that involves some measure of literacy and numeracy, communication skills and a measure of cognitive ability.

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