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Famous women of History

Amazing women in history you need to know about Society often celebrates famous and impressive men from throughout history; few days pass without references to Albert Einstein, Winston […]

What happens this Summer?

Since IGCSE and A-Level exams were cancelled in March, for kids wondering about their futures it’s felt a lot like being in limbo. There’s been a lot […]

Effects of Coronavirus on British Boarding

Education Spending is Robust One area Chinese families are likely to continue to spend will be education. This along with healthcare are seen as the most robust […]

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    YCIS Pudong

    Just amazing! I was given explicit instructions and outline of our future collaborative study, as well was given detailed feedback on the works I provided. Looking forward to future lessons!

    YCIS Puxi

    I found the lesson helpful as I gained a better understanding of some of the mistakes I made in a recent maths exam.

    YCIS Puxi

    Like always, it was a pleasant lesson. He was willing to teach me the things I couldn't quite understand in the first place, and he would give some useful tips for the exam which was super helpful!

    Dulwich College

    The teacher was very helpful and consistent. He explained everything in depth with a lot of details which helps me quite a lot.

    SAS Puxi

    He is a very friendly teacher who is willing to teach until the student gets it. He is always passionate and is willing to match the individual's ways of studying.


    Lyssa somehow organises lesson and makes it seem less complicated, is friendly, guiding, and all other positive characteristics you can think of.

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